Founder of ❤️

Hey, I'm Tommerty,

and I'm the founder & CEO of, but I'm also a lot more! I've developed the frontend of the entire platform. If you're looking at something, clicking something, or inputting data anywhere, I built that.

About Me

What's there to say? I'm Irish, coming up to my 30s, and I love frontend development. In my "real world job" I'm a Technical Support Engineer II for GitHub, and in my spare time I'm the frontend dev for Doras but also handle all the administration, marketing, and finances for Doras. So I'm a CEO & about 5 other titles (I wish I didn't though 😅)

Fun Facts

  • I love playing guitar and bass and have been in bands for most of my life

  • My favourite games are Cities:Skylines 2 & Timberborn (though I'm also known to play a lot of Fortnite with my partner)

Why did I decide to build Doras?

Well, it wasn't just me, and it's quite a fun story! Me and CTO Trent built a tool called YouTube Channel Rewards (known now as and we thought it'd be fun to add a link in bio section to the tool, because YouTube doesn't have the option to show your social links under your stream like how Twitch does. It eventually got so big, we had to place it into it's own website. That became just "" but eventually turned into Mystlink.

Mystlink was great, but also terrible. It was written in pure HTML and used ExpressJS as the backend. The developer experience was a nightmare. If I wanted the same button on two different pages, then I was basically copy/pasting code everywhere, and had to remember where I had it all if an update came. Then we discovered React.

TLDR then is we wanted to rebuild Mystlink, but call it something different. I wanted something like "Portals" but finding a domain for that was impossible. My partner (who's fluent in Irish) recommended "Doras", which is the Irish for "door" and it just stuck to me. By the way, it's pronounced "duh-rus", not "do-ras", but that's what I get for choosing an Irish name!