Cricket content creator and part of the Cricket Casuals - Home of the Content Cup Also part time Lego streamer.

Now then ladies & gents, boys & girls.

So where to start, firstly welcome to my Doras page and please check out the links to my content. I am a content creator of nearly 4 years and like a lot started during lockdown and started streaming on twitch with just a PS4, a headset and an iPad to read chat. Over that time I have streamed many different games and content from Fifa and Call of Duty, to now building Lego sets and playing jump king. Along the way I have also created YouTube videos based around OBS tutorials as well as been partnered with EA to showcase their games.

Current Content

Since July 2022 I started making content around a cricket and more specifically cricket umpiring as that year I became a qualified umpire. During that time I have posted nearly 800 videos and grown the account to close to 18k followers and millions of views. I have also joined and been apart of the cricket casuals, which is a group of four cricket content creators coming together to make fun and entertaining cricket content, including a podcast and more excitingly organising a T20 tournament for cricket content creators, which makes us the home of the Content Cup, with a combined social following closing in on 3 Million.