Streamer, gamer, chef and dad. OBS Troubleshooter.

Greetings! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

From my days on Justin.TV to Mixer and finally Livespace I have been a creator in the industry for nearly 12 years. I am highly knowledgeable in OBS, and chatbots of various kinds, and I'm also a baker and a father!

I am not seeking the career I once was but I am happy creating content casually when possible and truthfully just seeking happiness within the gaming space.

Creating a positive atmosphere is key to success in my opinion.

My favorite thing to do is to chill out to some survival games like Minecraft, Icarus, and recently Enshrouded and hanging out with friends. Sometimes you might catch me playing Escape From Tarkov if I am feeling like punishing myself.

You can find me live most evenings on Livespace.

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