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Doras Affiliates - Become an affiliate and help grow the community!

Doras Affiliates - Become an affiliate and help grow the community!


Updated on 27th Apr, 2024

You've asked, we're delivering!

Many folks in the community asked about becoming an affiliate, and we love it! We specifically chose our payment provider as they seamlessly allow this exact thing, and we're excited to announce that we're opening up submissions!

What does being a Doras affiliate mean?

Simple, really! People who join Doras from your affiliate link or by clicking the "Doras" button at the bottom of your profile and who sign up for Doras Pro, you'll get a 30% kickback! That's every month, too! So if someone you refer joins Doras Pro, every month they're subscribed you'll get that 30%. We wanted a way to provide our most loyal supporters with monthly revenue, and believe that this is the best solution!

Discounts and promotions

Discount/promo codes aren't included by default and is a separate step. If you're an affiliate and want a specific promo code for a certain period of time, please create a ticket on the dashboard and we can help figure out the best thing!

At times we may also be doing special promotions! We'll give you guys a special ping in the Discord server for a heads up before any promotions.

I'm sold, how do I become an affiliate?

Step 1 - Getting your Lemon Squeezy Account

It's not as straight forward as we'd hoped, but first you'll need to create an account on Lemon Squeezy (our payment provider). You can check out their article here on setting up your account.

It's important to know that this may take a few days for them to approve/deny your account. Sadly, we don't have any say during this and is completely out of our hands.

Step 2 - Submitting your request for Doras

Once you've your LS account, you can how head over to and click "Become an affiliate". Might be worth having a glance at all the points on that page too as it goes over the payment stuffs a bit more.

During this process, please feel free to give us as much information as you can, including your Doras profile link so we can check you out! Also, if you're in our Discord, feel free to drop your handle in there too! 

We'll be reviewing everyones profiles, and potentially not accepting all affiliate requests. We don't want to be another affiliate program and want to build something special with our affiliates. The main things we'll be looking for is the following:

  • Has a completed profile
  • Is in our Discord and is at least a little active
  • Has been a positive voice in the community
  • "Has the vibes, bro"

We want to know and trust that our affiliates are proud to hold the badge and not just something else they can chuck on their list of things they're apart of. We don't care how big or small your community is, we value a lot more than that.

Please know that it might take us a few weeks to getting around to accepting your application. This won't be because of you and more likely due to us changing things in the systems, etc!

Step 3 - You're accepted 🎉

If you've been approved, congrats! Before we go whipping out the bubbles though, we gotta get a few things sorted first! You'll need your affiliate link, and we'll need to get you set up on the database.

Once all is said and done, you'll be invited into the #affiliate-chat in Discord and we'll let you know that your profile is all set up!

What if I didn't get accepted?

If you didn't get accepted, we'll be more than happy to share that with you! If a reason isn't provided on Lemon Squeezy, please feel free to create a ticket on the dashboard and we'll be happy to discuss it with you! Possible reasons could be:

  • We just don't know you well enough or haven't seen you around in the Discord (or you're not in the Discord at all)
  • Your profile isn't complete
  • Not enough information on the application

We look forward to opening this up and helping us all! We all gain from this, and again we're super happy to be bringing this out!

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