Doras Changelog


Released 17th Mar, 24

Going forward, we're dropping the "cycle" releases like this, likely releasing more frequently, but with less change log, unless it's a major release! We've written about it in detail here: One month into development cycles.. How is it going?

Now, let's talk about what's arrived!

Custom Pages šŸŽ‰

Custom pages have finally made it! This allows you to create more than one page for just your links and blocks! 

Free users: Homepage + 2 additional pages
Doras Pro: Homepage + 9 additional pages

The mediakit and story pages aren't counted in these, but we're planning deprecating them in the future as we're making them "blocks" instead to allow you finer control and display of them! 

Improve navigation systems šŸš€

Look, it wouldn't be an update if I didn't completely overhaul the UI! Let's run over some of the latest features.

Sidebar improvements

The sidebar can now be expanded to show the name of the feature you're in, rather than just the icon and tooltip when hovering.

New Sidebar

Sidebar Shrunk

This will now also be the sidebar on mobile view, except it's shrunk be default, and when you open the sidebar it overlaps on everything below, creating a better experience for our phone friends!

We've also introduced the "Account Switcher", which allows you to change between your brand account and user account seamlessly.

Mobile Switcher


The Command Panel āœØ

I use tools every day like Linear, Vercel & more, and one thing that I love about those platforms is being able to press a hotkey, type what I'm looking for and clicking enter to navigate to it, so that's what I've build for Doras!

Now you can press āŒ˜/Ctrl+K (depending on Mac or Windows) to open up our lovely Command Box!


I can see a lot of use cases for this in the future, and look forward to expanding on this more to allow more functionality!

Better Page Loading šŸŒ

Some nerdy stuff, but basically we've migrated away from using native links for navigation over to using the NextJS app router and next/navigation to improve page loads and stuttering between navigation of pages.

Notable mentions (but don't deserve a whole thing...)

  • Added the Pix logo for our Brazilian friends! šŸ‡§šŸ‡·
  • Expanded and improved our database tables
  • Included the name of the image on gallery to help find what you're looking for