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Post Launch Open Meeting

Post Launch Open Meeting
Lady D

Lady D

Updated on 4th Apr, 2024

We believe in transparency, which is why we host all our team meetings publicly. This way, our community can see what we’re working on and how they can get involved. We’re especially thrilled because we smashed our launch last week, thanks to the incredible efforts of everyone involved!

We also recorded the meeting, so if you’d rather watch the meeting than read, you can do so here!

Meeting Information

  • Day: February 10th, 2023
  • Purpose: The meeting sought to align the team on various aspects post Beta Launch, including the introduction of new ideas, updates on team progress and addressing questions from the community. Additionally, the session provided an opportunity for the team to share their individual contributions and insights

Welcome New Members and Celebrating Success

We kicked off the meeting by extending a warm welcome to Pad-E! We’re excited to introduce Paddy, the newest addition to our team of social scallywags. Paddy brings fresh energy and ideas to the table, and we’re thrilled to have him on board.

Acknowledging Contributions and Giving Credit Where It’s Due

One important discussion point was clarifying the lines of credit within our team. While it’s fantastic that Tom’s work is recognized, it’s crucial to acknowledge the contributions of every team member. Trent, in particular, has poured his heart and soul into Doras and deserves recognition for his efforts. Additionally, Danni’s role in managing the copy of Doras shouldn’t go unnoticed. As well as Bailey’s contributions as an overseer and Etienne & Paddy for their contributions! We’re a team of dedicated individuals and each person’s contribution is valuable.

Expressing Gratitude

We took a moment to thank Andilippi for his invaluable promotion of Doras Although he couldn’t make it to the meeting due to his son’s first birthday, he’ll always have our support. We can’t wait to work with him more in the future.


We delved into the statistics of Doras since its launch, including the number of accounts, brand accounts and user engagement metrics. Here are the stats as of Friday evening, 9th of February:

  • User Count & Finances
    • User accounts = 228
    • Brand accounts = 6
    • Paying Pro Users = 31
    • 27 users used Andis 50% off code
    • 4 users didn’t use a discount code
    • Total of $52.46 before taxes and the 30% cut to affiliates
    • We can’t confirm post affiliate cut yet until the free trials end, but assuming that 100% were affiliated through Andi would leave us with $36.72
    • This makes us not profitable yet, but close (need about $50/m take home to be profitable)
    • 0% Churn – no one has cancelled their Pro as of yet!
  • Website statistics
    • From 3rd – 5th we saw an average of 3k hits a day
    • Started going downwards from there
      • 6th – 1700
      • 7th – 1400
      • 8th – 450
      • 9th -490
    • This gives an average of 1943 a day on

The numbers have been promising, with a significant number of hits per day and a 0% churn rate. We’re incredibly grateful for our pro users and the support they’ve shown us.

Team Updates and Future Plans

Each team member provided updates on their respective areas of focus. From management and development, to transitioning away from WordPress as our CMS as we’re constantly working to improve Doras and provide the best experience for our users. We’re also actively looking for new volunteers to join our team and contribute to our mission.

Q&A Session and Traditions

We opened the floor to questions from the community and team members, addressing any queries or concerns they had. Additionally, we wrapped up the meeting with a funny song, continuing our tradition of ending on a light note.

Action Items and Next Steps

Throughout the meeting, we identified action items that need to be addressed. From project cleanups to adding custom fonts to the idea board, we’re committed to continuous improvement and growth.

Join Us!

Interested in joining the Doras team? Whether you’re a developer, designer, or passionate individual looking to make a difference, we’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to Tom or any team member to chat about how you can get involved.

That wraps up our meeting recap for this week. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from the Doras team!

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