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Add LiveSpace To Your Link In Bio

Add LiveSpace To Your Link In Bio


Updated on 30th Apr, 2024

One of the earliest feature requests we got at Doras was about adding your Live.Space stream over to Doras. It's a pretty granted opinion, seeing as we have livestream embeds for Twitch and YouTube, so why not have one for Live.Space?

Before we get started, let's discuss what Live.Space is...

LiveSpace is a new streaming platform that plans to rival the likes of Twitch and YouTube. The primary goal was to build an all-in-one platform with their primary focus being on the creators, offering some unheard of things such as an 85% revenue split, posts (so basically a Twitter/X integrated into the platform), a link-in-bio when you're offline, and some crazy streaming tech which allows you to stream up to 4K at 60FPS. That's bonkers!

It's ran by some ex-Twitch and YouTube employees too, so I personally have confidence in what they're doing.

What I also love about them is that they're very much like us at Doras; fully independent and according to their FAQ are funded by "like-minded individuals who believe in our mission", which I fully get. After all, the money money that comes into Doras to help run it is the help of our awesome Pro members, and my wallet.

The API Journey

We've had the absolute pleasure of being a tester of the LiveSpace API, and working with them on how we can integrate LiveSpace into Doras. While they offer their own link in bio, it's great to see them being so open. It makes sense after all, why limit yourself?

After some quirks and discussion back and forward with Steve (LiveSpace's CTO) and Spenser (another person from LiveSpace), we now have an efficient way of helping you connect your LiveSpace to your Doras! This means going forward, it will be possible to add your LiveSpace embed to your Doras profile, showing an embed when you're live!

When is the feature being added?

While LiveSpace do have an API, there was sadly something missing that we're awaiting an update for: LiveSpace currently doesn't have embeds!

If you're not really sure what that means, take a look at a Twitch or YouTube stream for a minute. Do you see the sharing options, and inside those there's a method to use it as an embed? This basically allows you to share only the streamed video in a window on another website. As of writing, LiveSpace currently does not have this.

We've thought about other methods of implementing a feature, maybe having an image appear that when clicked it'll redirect you over to the stream, but we're not sure how we feel about this. We do something similar for the "Latest YouTube Video" block, but the difference is that it's quite simple to pull the thumbnail from YouTube compared to LiveSpace.

You can help!

We're currently awaiting Live.Space to implement an embed option. We recommend speaking out and sharing your thoughts with LiveSpace to add such a feature, and we can then implement this feature on a 1-1 level the same as we do Twitch and YouTube! Feel free to share this post on your socials to be vocal!

If you have any suggestions in the meantime however, I do invite you to join our Discord server and voice your thoughts!

Once the embed is added and we've added the block, this post will be updated to represent the changes!

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