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Working with the Asset Gallery Feature

Working with the Asset Gallery Feature


Updated on 4th Apr, 2024

We are all aware of how an image can directly promote who we are, our content or just our brand. An eye popping image can grab the attention of that would be follower whilst allowing us to express everything about ourselves.
Well today all you wonderful creative people we are going to look into one of Doras's feature where you can add images into your page.

When you log into Doras you will see the page pictured below, at the side you will see a page labelled Asset Gallery. This will be your one stop shop for starting to fully personalise your Doras to your hearts content. 

Asset Gallery Button

After clicking this button you will be sent to the image gallery page

Screenshot 2024 03 25 215429

Now of course your page will be unpopulated, however clicking the upload button (big red button at the top right of the page- and lets face it red buttons are always good to push), that will allow you to upload any image on your pc/mobile.

Images such as JPEG etc are currently supported, there is a max file size of 1mb for images. 

Good news too, there is no limit to how many of them wonderful images you can actually upload!

Once you have uploaded your undoubtedly masterful and beautiful creations your ready to integrate them into your Doras page.
With that you want to click on pages and blocks button highlighted with the red arrow in the picture below. Once there click the add block button highlighted by the green arrow.

Select Image Bit

Once you click that a new box will appear on screen. Scrolling to the bottom of this wonderful box, which allows you to do all kind of magical things, you will see image.

Clicking this magical button will enable you you to do just that, add an image to your link profile from the images you have already uploaded to the asset gallery.

Screenshot 2024 03 25 215455

Once you click that button you will then be transported to another screen allowing you to select your images.

Click Select Image

After clicking that button you can choose any image that you have uploaded to the Asset gallery, once you have clicked on your image and chosen it you can also set that image to go to a specific link as well. For instance if you wanted an image to go to your Twitch page you can type in the links to box, shown below and that image would then direct people there.

Linktks to Actual

Simply type in the address of course you probably want to add your own username after, unless you love me that much you would like to promote me, which I'm not against, then click home and watch the magic happen! As your personalised image now appears on your link page.

Also all images that link to another page are available to be tracked via your analytics on the site too! A feature other sites simply don't have!

So with that you have taken a huge step into giving yourself a fully customizable link page that not only shows who you are as a person, but looks sleek too.
Hope this helped, now go be your wonderful unique selves!

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