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Adding Your Custom Domain

Adding Your Custom Domain
Lady D

Lady D

Updated on 4th Apr, 2024

Every Doras accounts come with an initial domain name like or, with the username you created after the domain. If you want to use your own domain, you can add your own with a Doras Pro account.

Before you begin

Before you can add a custom domain name, you must purchase one! Doras at this time doesn't sell custom domains, so you must purchase one externally from any provider you choose. We personally recommend Cloudflare, or you can purchase from somewhere like NameCheap.

Add your custom domain name

Once you have created your domain name with a domain registrar and signed up to a Doras Pro account, head on over to Custom Domain.

Screenshot 2024 02 04 092433.png

In the Custom Domain page, enter your domain in the Add Your Domain field and select the Add Domain button. This will refresh the page and you’ll see the DNS records to add your domain registrar.

Screenshot 2024 02 04 092517 1.png

Simply copy this DNS record over to your domain registrar like I did so in Cloudflare:

Screenshot 2024 02 04 092547.png

If you're using a provider like Cloudflare, ensure "Proxy status" is disabled as we may have trouble detecting the domain if it's proxied!

If you experience any issues or require any assistance, please reach out to the Doras team on Discord. We’ll be more than happy to help!

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