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End Of Year Sync

End Of Year Sync
Lady D

Lady D

Updated on 5th Apr, 2024


On December 28th, 2023, Doras & Co held their “End of Year Sync” meeting, providing updates on the current state of Doras and discussing plans for the upcoming months. Dannielle(the Doras “Wordsmith Commodore”) served as the minute taker, documenting key points and discussions throughout the meeting.

Meeting Information

  • Day: December 28th, 2023
  • Purpose: First public meeting about Doras and giving updates of where we are Minute Taker: Dannielle


  • Tommy – (Admiral of the Fleet)
  • Dannielle – (Wordsmith Commodore)
  • Trent – (Admiral of Technology)
  • Siddy – (Community Member)
  • iBailzy – (Community Member)
  • Braaimeester – (Community Member)
  • Paddy (co attending w/ Ethan) – (Community Members)


  1. Closed Alpha Progress - The closed alpha is showing promising results with over 20 users and 500 page requests in a single day. The user base slowed down over Christmas but reached 1200+ active users in the week of the 11th of December. Discussion included sources of traffic, such as, and other platforms.
  2. Public Beta Release - The team discussed the challenges and progress towards the public beta release. One major hurdle involves the integration of Doras Pro, custom domains, and mapping users to subdomains. The tentative timeline for the public beta is set for the end of January or February. Issues with the payment provider, media kit finalization, and link shortening service were also addressed.The want of including QR codes for easy profile sharing, were shared, as well as plans to transform Doras into a content management system (CMS) with blogs and a brand account were also mentioned. Issues related to the link shortening service, text editor, missing headers, and mobile responsiveness were discussed.
  3. Doras App Status - It was mentioned that the Doras app is still in development and will be released after the public beta. The app will be available on both iOS and Android via a progressive web app (PWA).
  4. Doras Pro Features - Details about upcoming features for Doras Pro such as custom domains and further analytics were discussed.
  5. Need for Additional Support - The team emphasized the need for more hands on deck to support the growth of Doras. Currently, Tom and Trent are handling most tasks, and volunteers with various skills are welcome to contribute. Tom highlighted that Doras operates on a volunteer basis, providing valuable experience for contributors and the potential to actually make this a paid company once revenue is flowing.

Discussion Items

During the meeting, community members raised questions, including whether Doras would expand to a wider community. The response indicated gradual growth, with new members signing up to the waitlist and becoming active within 24 hours.

Action Items

The community insisted on taking a slow approach and not to rush the development. The team agreed to focus on the core features and ensure that the platform is stable before adding new features. The team also agreed to focus on the Doras Pro features and ensure that the payment system & referral system is working before the public beta release.


As Doras & Co navigates through challenges and milestones, the commitment to transparency and community involvement remains strong. The team welcomes new contributors and continues to shape Doras into a platform that meets the needs of its growing user base.

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