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Pre-Launch Catchup: Navigating the Future

Pre-Launch Catchup: Navigating the Future
Lady D

Lady D

Updated on 4th Apr, 2024


On the 20th of January 2024, Doras & Co convened for a Pre-Launch Catchup, marking a pivotal moment in the company’s journey. Chaired by the Admiral of the Fleet, the meeting aimed to synchronize efforts, share updates, and set the stage for the upcoming release.

Meeting Information

  • Day: December 28th, 2023
  • Purpose: The meeting sought to align the team on various aspects, including the introduction of new ideas, updates on team progress, unveiling the Doras Pro pricing model, and addressing questions from the community. Additionally, the session provided an opportunity for the team to share their individual contributions and insights


1. A Grand Welcome

The Admiral of the Fleet opened the session with a warm welcome, setting a positive tone for the discussion.

2. Navigator-in-Chief’s Vision

Ibailzy, the Navigator-in-Chief, took the stage to unveil his visionary ideas for the company.

3. Team Progress Report

Tommerty (and Trent)

  • Development and Management: Exploring ways to better track and manage tasks locally using tools like Notion, GitHub, and Linear.
  • Bug Reporting and Tickets: Proposing solutions for public-facing forms to handle bug reports effectively.
  • Customer Support: Investigating ticketing systems for efficient email routing and prioritization.
  • Development Update: Overview of progress, custom domains, and the transition to Versel for a revamped Doras on a custom domain.


  • Strategic Contributions: Discussed the future brand accounts, media kits, integrations, and ideas on improvements to be made on Discord.

Lady D

  • Documentation Transition: Moving docs from the original Docs site to the new WordPress site.
  • Community Engagement: Seeking content from the Doras community for “pre-production” and discussing recent life events affecting Doras involvement.

4. Doras Pro Pricing Model

  • Subscription Launch: $2.99 per month (excluding tax), with the payment provider working on tax inclusion.
  • Branding Removal: Doras branding to be removed.
  • User Statistics: Stored for 365 days for Pro users, wiping all stats on launch to avoid paywall for basic features.
  • Affiliates: Access to Doras Pro.
  • Brand Accounts: Introduction of a second subscription tier at $5.99 for brand accounts, with the Nua site potentially going away.

5. Q&A Session

The floor was opened for questions from the community and team members.


  1. Social Media Statistics Access
    • Asked by: Ibailzy
    • Answered: Discussion on storing and accessing social media statistics for brand and pro users, plans for data download and future enhancements to the Media Kit.
  2. Game Server Integration
    • Asked by: No_Classs
    • Answered: Possibility acknowledged, with a commitment to explore the unique feature.

Action Items

No actions items were stated.


The Pre-Launch Catchup showcased the dedication and innovation within Doras & Co. As the team sails towards the Beta Launch, the commitment to transparency, user experience, and continuous improvement shines through. Stay tuned for more updates as Doras & Co charts its course through the dynamic landscape of online collaboration.

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